The Color of Over


She lived her life detached, motionless, emotionless
While he spread his vitality wherever he could.

Ice Blue!

She grew to resent him, cold settled in her heart
While he kept at his sophomoric ways.


Freedom and life brought her inspiration
While he pulled the lent out of his belly button.


She was tired of her cowardice
While he ran the town deceitfully.


She decayed due to her failure to take care of herself
While he showered others with his romance.


She found her will in luxurious wool ornamental hostess wear
While he supped with infidelity across town.


She found her reason through the logic of betrayal
While he did all he could to ignore her.


She became hot, doused in fine French perfume
While he had no idea of his fate.


She taunted him with her desire for honor
While a nylon cord cut off his last breath.

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