Young Man Contemplates His Future

Just old enough to drive,
Young Man slumps in his desk
Learning the definitions
For a subject he may never use.

His mind drifts to the cars,
To the girls he hopes to meet,
To the suburban “sort of” mansion,
To the fat wallet he’ll need to pay for it all.

Young Man expects
All this will come to him
Without the effort it takes.
Life is a lay up for him since he is already great.

He knows this is how he is, after all,
Because his mom told him so,
Because he plays a sport,
Because he just got his learner’s permit.

Young Man knows nothing
Of responsibility or mettle
As he has never been tested
Or held accountable.

So he sees easy street coming his way
Where the houses are huge,
Where life is a party,
Where his day dream becomes reality.

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