The Bus Boy (One and Done Waiter)

He rolled into work
Ready to scrape up the mess
The tourists left
When they ate with their mouths open.
He would work breakfast
And split for Chetham Annex
With the 1776 smell all over him
For nine holes in the afternoon.
At least that was the plan
Until Bill and Mary
Called in sick and no wait staff was there
To feed the cattle moseying in.
The bus boy took his orders
From the single mom supervisor
And learned the ways of a waiter
As the herd got restless.
He found his way,
Selling the buffet like it was five star
Just so he wouldn’t have
To remember to go in the kitchen.
Brunch ended with no drama
And only one table a serious mess.
He left with enough in tips

To pay for that round of golf.