Wet Biology

Wishy washy words and phrases
Like “suggests” and “seems to indicate”
Would become invaluable tools
As I wrote my dissertation.
They were gifts from the incomparable,
Charles I. Dubay,
Who knew how to tell an awful joke
And drive a rickety old bus.
He took us into nature,
Ponds, streams, and rivers,
Teaching about habitats, adaptations,
And the vagaries of scholarly research.
Little did I know then,
But that Biology class
Would stir a love of learning
I tap into every day.
“Wet Biology” was not school.
It was an experience
That budgets and testing
Would probably kill today.
Man, I loved that class,
The mud, the test kits, the smelly nets,
The discovery learning, the whole thing.
Nothing wishy washy about that.