To Second Street

My first time there
It was as the song suggested,
Only it was the ceiling that was sagging.
I sat like some local groupie
Hanging with the celebrity chiropractor, Dr. Panza,
He of the non-conforming store front signage.
He would not know how his generosity influenced me,
But that lunch made Second Street a hangout
That would stay with me until I moved away.
Burgers, potato skins, refreshments,
All to be had whenever the urge struck.
And it struck often.
This was before
Jobs, families, and the
Sheer enjoyment of staying home.
Years later, Hub and I would close the joint
Like we had done twenty years earlier.
I suppose we found the fountain of youth that night.
My last time there we celebrated my grandmother.
“Cheers” had become chic, more New York than Williamsburg.
The new design was a nail in my youth’s coffin.
I suppose things change.
Even Doc Panza’s iconic upside down sign
Is long gone.