Picked a Bad Day

Say what you will
About that crazy fitness company
Known as much for its promotion
As its science,
But those workouts are hard.

I’ll be paying for one today
Since its been about a year since
I got into the mindset
To do battle with gravity
And the path of least effort.

Why did I pick today
With cleans, thrusters, and
To begin my
Long journey back to fitness credibility?

I hate Burpees and I
Suppose I could have subbed them out,
But then I would
Be forced to deal
With the same path I’m trying to get off of.

Air is scarce during Burpees,
Lungs don’t hurt,
They just shut down
The rest of the body
Quickly takes their lead.

And still I flop on the floor
And swing back up
With all the coordination
Of a bowling ball
Thrown on an icy alley.

Twenty six minutes brought the end.
Now I’m walking with the hope
That I’m back on track
And more immediately
That I won’t fall down.

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