I wanted my MTV, but cable had not made it out to Carter’s Grove yet. Everyone was talking about music videos and I was pretty much left out of those conversations. Then one day after shooting some hoops at Blow Gym, I stopped at the old Campus Center at William and Mary to grab a bite to eat. There on the television was my ticket into the cool world.

I had my MTV.

MTV was such a great thing when it first came out. I bought into the craziness pretty quickly. The programming was fresh and unpredictable. Finally, I got to see U2, The Talking Heads, and Saga. That’s right, I put Saga on the list. The video was quite cinematic. Besides, if people can like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, I can say that I once liked Saga. Some of you liked Culture Club, so don’t judge… In fact, once I was sitting at a cool kid’s house in Season’s Trace (during school, sorry Mom) and he said the woman singing was kind of hot. It was Boy George. You see, we all make mistakes. Back at the Campus Center, not only was I getting to watch MTV, but as a high school freshman, I thought I was real s*** to be watching all this coolness at W&M.

If I had only known.

Eventually, I would bore of the videos. If I got there and the room was empty I would put on ESPN. That didn’t last long. The college students would come in and change the station to General Hospital. I lost interest in sitting there after that. It’s kind of funny, but GH and ESPN are both pretty much unwatchable, too.