Of Groceries and Forgotten Rock Bands


How is it
That I grew up
Following my parents
Up and down the aisles
Of Big Star, but
That I never heard
Of the rock group
Going up and down
The charts
Known as Big Star?

I remember the store
Being crowded
With tall shelves
And a fluorescent hum
From the ceiling.
They also had
A good toy section,
Cap guns, army men, and
The such.

What of this rock band,
Critically acclaimed,
With a clean sound
Coming from the Memphis ground?
How could they miss?
How could they fade away
With barely a trace?

Maybe it’s the way of things,
Coming, going,
Hitting, missing.
There is something out there,
Be it money grabbers, luck, or fate,
That spins our tails.
Sometimes we land on our feet,
Sometimes flat on our asses.

Hopefully we find worth in the journey by
Challenging those outside forces and
With the free will that we are given,
Go out and be who we want to be.
Maybe it works out,
Maybe not, but
Living on our own terms,
Without fear of being gobbled up
By another grocery chain
Or ignored by the fickle pop business,

That’s the way.

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