Thoughts From the Thirtieth

I left Williamsburg in 1990. Growing up there I thought there must be something better than the “Historic Capital.” There is and there isn’t. Life takes us to different places and lets us meet different people, but in the end, life is what we make of it. After seeing so many of my old classmates, who are really old…I mean old friends, I got to see Williamsburg in a way that I have not seen in a couple of decades. There is just too much to write about in one post, but please know that I am so glad for everyone that I talked to. So as I write with Bruce Hornsby hammering away the keys, let me tell you a little about my Class of 1985 thirty year “get together.”

Where’s the game?… Hubba and I had no idea where the stadium was. Thank you, Google.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know your name… When we pulled into the stadium parking lot, I was super nervous about meeting people after all of these years. “Meeting” is the key word as I have been away from Williamsburg longer than I actually lived there. Perhaps the best ice breaker was Johnny Wallace (btw-Class of ’84…) yelling out my unfortunate nickname. If you need to reach Johnny, his number is 22.  After that, I began to get a sense of who was who and it was as if I’d never left. There was an ease of conversation and comfort that allowed Williamsburg to become home again.

Some things never change… Sherrod is still smiling, Kurt is still wearing Cowboys gear, Chris Brown is still talking and Mel Jones is still a presence in all of our lives.

Really?… When did LHS get so good?

After the game, Hubba and I went out for a banging hamburger and a splash. We talked about how comfortable the whole night had been and he rambled on about a “kaleidoscope of something.” The laughter was more than my ribs and the people around us could handle. I suppose the friendships we had in high school were the ones that aren’t bothered by the passage of time. When I stepped up to the Class of ’85 tent I felt an ease that comes with the honesty of spending our young lives together. While that time was short, I am thankful to have grown up in Williamsburg and to have known the people that I did.

Good people, good memories…