Life Skills

My student asked
An impassioned question
About why she
Had to write down goals.

I scanned my bank of answers
Using, “Sometimes you’ve
Got to do the stuff
You just don’t want to do.”

A BS answer for sure and one
Honed through dissertation reading
For my Ed D where I explored
The contradictory research about goals.

I got her frustration
Because I knew the right answer
Versus the correct one.
Of course, they oppose each other.

Right is what is research suggests,
Correct is what authority accepts, and
Both have their place, although, I think
She should determine whether goals work for her? Or not…

For me, the best part of the lesson
Is still to come,
Because next week my students
Will learn goals are not perfect.

Sometimes the process helps
So far as the setter maintains
Integrity, efficacy, and motivation.
For, in setting goals, we must act wisely.

If not, as my class complainer
Has so belligerently, but yet so correctly,
Pointed out,
This goal setting stuff can be a waste of time.

Hopefully, though, she will hear
Through the angst and be able to
Understand that she can’t make an informed decision
Without considering many perspectives.

Sometimes in school,
“We’ve just got to do things
We don’t always want to do,”

Especially until we have the full lesson done.

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