The fates were with me
After a cranky guitar session
Where I proved there is such a thing
As musical illiteracy.
Their guidance sent me to the floor to smash
A furniture moving knot
Taking up residence
Behind my shoulder blades.

Pandora chimed in with Pink Floyd’s,
Comfortably Numb,
Just as the lacrosse ball masseuse
Dug into the temperamental tissues that
Have been robbing me of good sleep.
The magic of real guitar experts
Proved why I want to learn to play
As rifts caused me to drift into a bit of a haze,
A sign of hope that the tightness would go away.

I rolled through the whole song,
Grimacing as the ball pushed deeper into the knot.
My dog went best friend and plopped on my chest
Making me feel that the worms
Really were eating my brain.

When the song was finished
It was hard to get off the ball,
Even after Einstein moved,
But man, was I more loose than before.

Thanks, fates.

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