On this uncertain morning
Where summer and fall are tussling,
My awareness of details
Got lost in an article about Keith Hernandez.

As I reached for Cheerios
I’m sure I smiled,
Happy for their blandness
And the chill of the milk, which I grabbed
And began to pour
Right into the bowl of oats.

Only it was a little LEMONADE that hit the cereal,
But enough to have me considering
Starting a new bowl.
Nah, I decided to own the mistake
And live on the edge.
Milk was added and off I went
On a Cheerio eating adventure.

I must say, I was very surprised,
It actually tasted good.
Perhaps too sweet as an everyday happening,
But on this confused morn,
Just right.

As Arnold Palmer has his namesake drink,
I think I’ll honor the once Mets first baseman
By calling this accidental bowl a Keith Hernandez.

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