The paper is full of it this morning,
My high school’s football team
Took it hard last night,
Yale has historical problems
With some of its alums’ associations,
Unionists and Republicans
Still can’t figure it out in Northern Ireland,
Shakespeare is floundering
In academic settings,
And Serena lost her way
While trying to win again.

Pretty heavy stuff for a Saturday morning
When my internal alarm
Failed to respect that weekends
Have a different schedule.

8:36 in morning, already three hours gone
And I’m done with the news,
The Times is closed,
The morning reporting on tv is off because
It’s fairly well known that the Pope
Will be in Philly soon and
I can see through my window that it might rain today
Instead of the seriousness of world news,
I’m going to stretch out on the couch and
Listen to Lee Roy Parnell
Carry on about something country
With that great sounding guitar of his.

The rest of it
Is too much for the weekend.

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