More To Us

Sabotage is at work
With a thought so simple,

We are all people
Passing through a world
Where evidence, time, and whatever
Really does not matter.

The sabotage? Believing all of this matters.

The clamor of this one in power
Gets passed to the next level,
All the way down until it reaches
Those at the lowest
Without anyone owning
Their role in the use of power’s message.

The beauty? None of it matters.

Life doesn’t care about the bottom line,
The focus groups, or the ticketed rewards.
Life cares about happiness,
Respect, and equality.

Or maybe it doesn’t,
Which is not to say life is uncaring,
Just that it’s hard to know what matters.
Especially, when we have so little control
Over was comes down
The convoluted mountain trail.

All people…

Be gone with the ego,
See what we are doing to the world
Beyond our little pieces of earth.
There is more to Us than data,
More than enforced boarders,
More than sports gossip.

More to Us.

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