Smoke Signals

After my doctoral dissertation
I never thought
I’d be put in a situation
Where I’d wish I was doing
Confirmatory factorial analysis.

Today it happened.

Ten months ago
After a botched sync with my phone
I decided to break from the fruit.
I guess this was spiritually forbidden
For I’ve felt banished from the phone garden ever sense.

The two year contract is a scam
Now that I really understand the mechanism
Of how it’s designed to keep
The flow of money leaving my pocket and
Filling the conglomerates who make communication possible.

The providers blame the phone companies.
The phone companies blame the providers.
I think they are in cahoots.
As they say, “To make a long story short,”
I’m stuck with the fifth version of this planetary phone.

Only until May!

Smoke signals after that, y’all.

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