My Time

I hear Bernard was able
To break the cycle of violence
By committing fully to boxing.

They say he
Left it all behind
With a discipline that never wavers.

I’m loving my summer vacation
Stuck in the pleasure of peace
Untouched by the flaw,

My imperfection where
I want to make a point,
Driving home some zinger.

I heard his message
Of being right by not being,
By just going with the flow

Because problems are bigger
For others than anything
I’ve ever manufactured.

Then came August,
The last few weeks before returning
And something happened,

Shoulder pains, neck pains
Ridiculous dreams and
A renewed interest in protest songs.

I’m on my bicycle, Bernard,
Staying away from the corners by
Bobbing and weaving

Against those old habits
I let go during this summer respite,
My time of change.

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