Thoughts On Bruton Heights As An Adult

Who walked these halls before me?

What math were they taught?
When did they know they were getting “hosed?”
Where did the hatred come from?
Why were we taught only the glory of the South?
How do schools live with their failure to teach the whole history?
[Even today, across the vastness 
Of human experience…]
In some ways
My three years here
Must have seeped 
Into my soul.
I have questioned,
Myself and history.
I have regret,
Of myself and of our history.
This building seems more important
To me today than when I was a kid,
But I struggle to understand
So much about that past.
I know, though,
I am thankful for protest,
Enlightenment, and my time in Williamsburg
For it was there that I learned, “people are people.”
I learned it 
Right here in this building
That for too long was a false symbol
Of just the opposite.