Make It Stop

I blame ESPN
For my hurting about sports.
The need to create news
So every minute
Of every day can be filled
With something sports related
Has led me
To a painful observation,

Sports are not fun anymore.

I love the sporting events.
I don’t love the saturation.
I miss Saturdays for college football with
Sundays and Monday nights for professional football.

Less, for me, was more.

Now sports are everywhere.
While the games are across the dial,
They are fairly easy to avoid.
It’s the news that is too much.
Balls without air,
Running backs and female invites,
Spousal abuse,
Pete Rose,
Labor disputes,
Billions of dollars,
CNN, FOX, Comcast, Local, Radio,


I know, turn it off.

I love sports.
I don’t love the reality show,
Twenty-four hour news cycle
That sports has become.
During the games, the news is right there too,
Scrolling, as if every minute or so
We needed to be reminded
Tom Brady may or may not
Like his balls a little softer.
There’s no getting away from sports news
Without cutting loose altogether.

If only it was that simple…

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