Summers #1

My first summer in Williamsburg sucked. The pool at the apartments where we lived was more like a science experiment than a relaxing place to get away from the heat. That would change a couple of years later when we bolted from the cramped living of Snake Pit Acres and headed up to Colonial Town with its bean shaped pool. 

After the move, I lived for the summers. There were water gun fights, flashlight tag, and best of all backgammon games by the pool. We would play game after game with the loser required to swim laps for each piece left on the board. Lori and Nancy were usually the best, but after awhile I caught on. Craig got kicked out of the pool too much to ever really learn the game. Then he kind of disappeared. His family was still around, but he was gone.
That pool was the place. The vending machine had three flavors of soda, grape, orange, and a lemon lime thing. Twenty cents would get a seven-ounce can, unless Craig was buying. His arm was very flexible and for ten cents he would contort it into the machine and come out with a random flavor. Maybe that’s why he was moved on.
These disco, Bain de Soliel, Devil Went Down to Georgia days were the greatest summers ever for a kid.