Magruder Annex

Fourth grade brought another school move. This time I ended up at Magruder Annex and this is where life started to get a little crazy. The PE teacher had taught me when I was in second grade in Yorktown. She was very cool. We learned The Hustle, but it was the running I enjoyed the most. There were two courses, a long course on the field and a short course on the black top. I loved the long course. There was something about running on grass and pine needles that I just loved. I also liked that hardly any of us went for the long course. Maybe that was the beginning of my independent nature. To this day, I prefer running on trails.

The annex was also my first big failure with money. I wanted a mechanical pencil so badly. My mother wanted me to have lunch money for the week. She told me not to buy a pencil, but to keep the change for lunches. I didn’t listen and then I lost the pencil. After that I didn’t need lunch money since I could have chewed on that pound of flesh that got knocked off me when my dad came home. Maybe that’s why I started working so early. The whole thing was a good lesson, but one my butt wished had gone differently…
And that’s it. I’ve got nothing else from Magruder Annex. At some point after Christmas we moved about three miles closer to town and I would have to switch to the greatest elementary school ever, Bruton Heights.