Ah, I Get It

What do we know?

How do we know it’s so?

I suppose it’s faith.
Which would be the spiritual form of learning,

For are the lessons of school meaningful
If the student does not believe?
Certainly not.

A relative made a comment to me
Unaware of my spiritual growth
His absolute disbelief
Was a jury with which I could not sit.

Yet, all I could muster
Was a nod of the head
And a shrug of the shoulders,
Timid at best

The converse could be said
For the families grieving in Charleston
Who looked directly into evil
And said to the reaper, “We forgive you.”

They know there is a plan.
They believe in the plan.

Their faith is remarkable,
Something not to be dismissed
Or seconded to some theory or textbook.

I get it.

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