Enough. Again…

Here we go again.

Is there any decency left?
What drives people to hate?

My guess is a combination
Of ostriches and blabber.

Those of the ostrich mentality
Bury their heads
Denying the reality
That racism exists.
Instead of talking about
The hatred,
Expressed or less than subtle institutional varieties,
The skinny legged, long necked people
Hope a lack of attention
Will make everything better.

Then something happens…

And the blabber begins
With talking heads using incendiary language
To correct the wrongs of hatred
In one fell speech.
Their words often promoting a societal defensiveness
That drives people away from the arguments,
Only to make everything worse.

Both ways can’t be had…

Where is the middle
Where these issues can be addressed
So crimes of hate
Might be prevented?
Schools might be a good place,
If not for the ostriches.
Social media might be a good place,
If not for the blabberers.

Within each of us
Is the only place.

Deny the hate
By talking
Sanely and purposefully
About solutions to the causes
Of this insanity.

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