Truth Hardware

The nail asked the hammer,
“Could you hit me hard a few times
Instead of softly a bunch of times?”

The hammer, speaking through both prongs said,
“It’s out of my control. That comes
From the hand.”

So the nail asked the hand,
Who promptly blamed the arm,
Who promptly blamed the shoulder,
And on up the line it went
Until God Almighty
Was being blamed for the weak strike
Of the hammer.

God whispered to the nail,
“It’s your fault for the hammer’s weakness.
I put all those people in charge
To test your mettle. I’m
Smoothing you out by making you stand up
To what you deplore.”

The nail thought about this
As the hammer politely tapped
On the head of the nail.
Barely a dent was put in the wood
Before the next soft blow
Came to the frustrated fastener.

“Tell you what, God,” said the nail,
“How about next time
You make me a bowling ball? At least
I’ll be smooth and get to roll around that way”

God laughed and guided that hammer true
On its next pass.

The nail thanked God.

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