Coach O

Seventh grade,
I had an avoidance issue.
The pain of which
I accepted without worry.


Maybe I could have gotten an A.
Maybe I could have made Honor Roll.
Even today that stuff isn’t important to me (and I’m a teacher),
But the lessons I learned sure beat Pre-Algebra sh-tuff…

Venn Diagrams.

Yep, some stuff is similar and
Some stuff is different, but
What else did all those lunch detentions
Teach me? I just don’t remember.

Jeopardy Days.

My students would say I remember the dirty (good) stuff,
Like Jeopardy and the lesson strength through diversity.
“I’ll take care of the sports,
You, math. You, TV…..” Teams…Dirty.


Sometimes a class is not what it seems.
I suppose thirty-six years ago
I knew something of that math, but
Today, I don’t feel any of it took hold except the Venn Diagram stuff.

Sorry, Coach. Thanks, Coach.

What I do know
Is that I really liked my teacher.
He taught me more about being a person than he did math
And someday I may send him a bunch of late homework.

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