Fast Food Ouch Redemption

With dog in tow,
I was heading to the past,
A park so serene
That I can’t believe
I so rarely go there now.

On the radio
A sermon spoke of the value of pain,
For we learn lessons
Capable of changing who we are
When hurt finds its mark.

Our walk included short runs,
The air too hot for my dog,
My lungs too thick for the strain.
Clearly in pain, we vowed to get on track
After one last lunchtime supper.

I ordered my usual,
Only to get home and find
Only the drink and fries,
What I normally got.
What happened next set the change in order.

I reached for the remote
Jabbing, instead, the carbonated punching bag and
Spilled soda across the table,
Its cherry flavored red
Taunting me with thoughts of blood.

That would be boiling blood
As I realized my sandwich was full of onions,
Kryptonite to me,
And the ocean of soda
Would be too much for a roll of paper towels.

This pain, more like annoyance really,
Led me to my knees
Where the sermon replaced the local vernacular,
Allowing me a chance
To think clearly about the situation and me.

Two nights of salads have left me lighter.
Several days of water have left me pure.
This pain, albeit nothing, will find me better
For I now know I am done
Counting on gluttonous restaurants for sustenance.

Goodbye, Dave, and your daughter’s pot luck service,
The ache of the drive thru is gone.
The scant enjoyment of the food is gone,
Lost to my choice to stop inflicting pain on myself.
Now for the running…

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