Back Together

Today was one of those days
When nothing seemed important.
Kids kicking volleyballs…
Gossip running wild…
Upcoming exams…

None of it.

I woke with a funk,
Maybe from staying up too late
Watching hockey,
But the game sparked something in me
And I don’t even like hockey that much.
On a shot to the crowd
I could have sworn my father in law was there,
But that is impossible
As he has moved on to heaven.
I’m pretty sure, though, I saw him there.

Perhaps that energy unsettled me today.

I just got home from work
Managing all of the important things
Teachers must manage
And I learned that my wife’s grandmother,
Yes, grandmother,
Passed away today.
The shock of her dying is not in the surprise,
But in the reality of our own mortality
And what of “after.”

Pondering that may induce some sleep,

As I want to know
How my father in law and his mother reunited,
There with the rest of their clan
Catching up on old times and
Laughing about the important things
That happen when we are

There’s a restful thought.

I doubt they discussed
High school exams,
Kicking volleyballs,
Or the latest hire for whatever job.
I bet they just hugged,
Loving the peace and happiness
Of being back together.

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