End of Day Recharge

Maybe you know
Just what it feels like
To come home after standing outside,
All bleeping day,
On phony grass that radiates the ninety degree heat
Right into the soles of a man’s soul,
Then after punching out, sitting on your couch
Ripping shoes and socks off,
Hitting the coldest of beverages,
Brought all the way from Grand Rapids,
With the same gusto as that crazy stop
At mile twelve-ish of the Half Wit Half Marathon in August,
Then taking the full weight of a pit bull hug
As he lets you know how much he missed you
While you were at work,
And with Justin Townes Earle and company
Singing those songs of Americana,
Of life really,
That tell the stories of people looking
To get back wherever, after doing whatever,
In the heat of whenever they were doing it.

I hope you get to know that feeling
In the particular way it comes to you
In those first few minutes just
After laboring all day and right when you get home,
Because Einstein and I are glad
The work is done,
The refrigerator is working,
And iHeart radio knows our favorites.

Yep, we hope you know…


All Rights Reserved-Chris Hancock

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