Stay Home, Precious

The day started with a message
Inspiring the quality of forgiveness
And forsaking the expectation
That anyone owes us anything.

Instead we are better served
By finding our true purpose
Deep inside our hearts
In a power greater than us.

The day evolved
Into a peaceful afternoon walk,
Just my dog and me,
The gentle breeze, and blue sky.

Until the tranquility and moral message
Were tested by the annoyance
Of an unleashed
Battery operated dog.

The current of which
Flowed with an over developed sense of authority
That the two pound pugilist
Would have a hard time realizing against my defender.

My dog, leashed and agitated
By the advancing morsel,
Rumbled and pulled with Tyson like intentions
While I hoped the juice would run out of the AAA batteries.

Somewhere in there,
“No” registered with my dog
And he sat down
Letting the canine novelty continue her Napoleon act

We walked away,
I watched the other dog’s owner
Throw the toy back into their Romper Room
And we headed back up the cul-de-sac worry free.

Until we got around the corner
And someone let the damned dog out again.
This time we walked…fast…
Leaving the whole scene behind.

My dog is learning.
His reputation precedes his demeanor,
But he is a protector by nature, unflinching in his duty,
Although he is getting better at turning a cheek.

I am learning too,
Better at giving him good energy,
Better at missing the walking trouble spots,
Better at forgiving transgressions.

So, family up the way,
I’m letting your free range dog supervision skills slide.
All is forgiven and if you need a leash, let me know,
I’ve got some extra shoe strings we can fashion into a harness.

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