Have you ever:
Heard the perfect song?
Had the perfect meal?
Watched the perfect movie?

For all who believe perfection doesn’t exist,
Try to be less literal.

What I mean
Is when those notes hit
Did you experience an enjoyment so profound
That it made you stop,
Or the food tasted so good
You sat back savoring the bite
Before shoveling in another,
Or stayed through the credits
Of a film so moving
That you could not stand to move?

That’s what I mean by perfect,
Supremely enjoyable.

I long for those moments,
The perfection that happens
At the most unexpected times,
But mostly when I’m hanging with my family,
Chilling with my friends,
Or taking stock during my free time.



For the record:

1. Lee Roy Parnell: On the Road
2. My wife’s crab soup
3. Animal House

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