Forbidden Meal Detox

On this day when
Impossibility happened and
That which could never win
Beat the sure thing,
I continued the journey
Of newness in the ways of my fresh immaturity
By taking advice from a young man
Determined enough to see his future that’s
Clearly aligned with expertise in the suds.

My recent present has looked
An awful lot like my distant past,
Before ideas of snootiness
Became a creeping realization of ambition or doubt
That left me a shell of uncertainty
Trying to manage the ideals of
What others think I should be.

I’m right, now.

Back to the old me, but better.

I think the shandy pushed me to the edge.
The years of heavy and dark
Probably didn’t help,
Even though, I know the taste was great,
But the spiritual drain was too much.
So, today when I went back to college
Asking the young stock boy
To point me towards the “frat boy” section,
He had a list of potential libations
That might fulfill my simplifying awakening.

My choice made,
With two bags of Virginia’s finest peanuts in tow, and
With the wisdom of an elder,
This former practicum student of mine,
Who chose distribution over education
Without any worry for the sanctity
Of the teaching profession said,
“Looks like you’ve got a meal there.”

“More than that,” I replied.

Driving home I had to laugh.
After toiling in college and taking all the tests
My old charge chose a different path.
While hitting these peanuts and
Sending some mental encouragement to my fridge,
I’m glad for his advice,
For the micro thing is just too small for me,
Too small for this new direction I’m being led along,
Too trendy for my lack of mainstream sensibilities, and
Too expensive for my wallet.

I’m trudging through the clear waters of my early twenties
When my appreciation for simplicity
Allowed me thanks for the bounty of life
Unfettered by the calamity of choice and over abundance
And free of the competition of status,
Improperly ranked priorities, or
General asinine sensibilities.

I think I’ll just “Hamm” it up for awhile…

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