What Matters

Smoke and fire.

Stories with traction.

Private investigations.

I don’t know.

I question the worth of it all,

The rat race.


Blind loyalty.

Because after a day of listening to this and that

I hear that a really good guy has a mass on his brain,

That his family will be living the stress

Of medical testing, prayer, and unthinkable possibilities.

This is misfortune for a guy who toiled 

In a company job for most of his working life

Providing for his family

While the owners and business men

Wrangled about profits and contraction,

Ultimately shuttering the business

While they reaped the gain.

Nope. No more.

This idea that work is so important

Is one that defies logic

I’d rather have my family

Our health


The madness we create in the professional world

Means so little

Especially when things go wrong

Racing to the top,

Satisfaction is job one,

Whatever the corporate, government, or sports cliche

Can’t ever take precedence over


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