No More Recommendations

I began this year

On a quest

To find enjoyment

In books I had never read

After scouting several lists

Proclaiming must reads for us all

I began dutifully making use

Of my surprisingly well stocked

High school library

What has happened to me?

Am I some weirdo

From the planet Television?

I dare to consider myself alien

Because I am crapping out on my last few

Supposed must reads

Too many words…

Not enough plot…

Can we end the conversations?…

I’ve just had to say goodbye to

Farewell To Arms and Catch-22

Go ahead and sue me

I didn’t like The Trial either

I’m going off the list 

Foresaking the classics for awhile

I’ll see if the books that inspired movies I’ve seen

Are worthy of a read

First up, Planet of the Apes…

After that it could be 

Back to binging on Netflix

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