Good Uncle Times

I remember one time
My dad’s brother
Came to visit after
He lived in Europe
We took a drive in a 67 Mustang
Hitting the sleepy Colonial Capital
With an Andretti spirit
While listening to Linda Ronstadt
And getting schooled on her finer points
By my jet setting uncle

Good times

I remember another time when
My mom’s brother
Threw velcro balls at me
As I dove across the opening
In the hallway
Of my grandparents’ house
How we got away with that
I’m not sure
But we must have been
The only ones home

Good times

My aunt’s husband had a way
Of acting first and
Thinking later
Which didn’t prove so good
For my leg
When he tested the cutting potential
Of a weed whacker
Against my leg
I bled then
But laugh now

Good times

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