Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is your birthday

We just talked and did all the well wishes on the phone

But during my ride home I started thinking of you

My memories of us, of you 

(Did I break a comma rule there?)

So let me rattle a few off young girl…

The water at Fort Eustis is freezing

And you can swim for a long time.

Scrambled eggs are good

But yours are AMAZING!

Banana seats on bikes are rough

You had the right idea with the hammock gizmo

“Fantasy Island” and “Starsky and Hutch”

Weren’t as good as I thought, nor

As bad as you believed

Writing feels great

And thank yous are important

Your kids, especially the oldest,

Turned out pretty good

Madonna has nothing on you

When it comes to changing styles and reinventing herself

Hopefully she will have learned a thing about class

When she’s ninety three

I love you, Grandmom.

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