Sights and Sounds at a Flyers Game

For my first foray
Into the Stepford ways
That have often been used to describe
Fans of the Philadelphia Flyers
I wanted to take in every aspect
Of the carnival like scene

The sounds:
Coaching advice
Oohs, Ahs, and Groans

The sights:
Plenty of ink
Orange, black, and white

Don’t get me wrong
My experience was great
In many ways I felt
I was with my people
There was an edge to our section
Tough and honest
Without the froufrou
Of a Phillies game
Or the overblown testosterone
At the Eagles

Nobody really
Goes to the Sixers

What a time
The guy with the neck tattoos,
Cowboy boots, and a jersey
Takes the outstanding mental image
Of the day
Something about his western shod feet
With adolescent gear
And prison artwork
Made a confluence of personal style
That could not be beaten

Then there was the guy in the Orange jogging suit
‘Nuff said

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