A Winter Afternoon

The cold has crept in
Freezing my pipes, metaphorically,
Of course.
I’m done with this arctic swill
Content to sit inside
Jamming to the Eagles channel on Pandora
Sucking down Shore Roast generic coffee
And watching my dog
Get some serious time with his Peanut butter filled Kong.
This after work time is perfect…
Joe Walsh laying down some screaming guitar licks
Over the sloppy licking of my dog
And what would be somewhat annoying sipping from me
If someone was here to hear my consumption
But he and I are alone
Except for the cats who wander around
With a fearful defiance of my
Slowly-falling-into-a-Skippy-coma of a pit bull
The joy of his snack
Fully realized with crossed paws,
Drawn up hind quarters, and
The raspy snore he gets
Before a full blown nap
Fortunately, I’m south of the ridiculous Boston snow,
Basking in the antagonistic warmth
Of the mid-Atlantic region,
And granted just enough
Quiet time to man up
For driving to hoops practice tonight
In the coldest weather of the season

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