Be An Open-Minded Voter

Exit polls measure
The pulse of the voter
Sometimes the results are favorable
Sometimes the results are disappointing
Either way there is a great deal
To be learned

Take a challenge,
Maybe running
Maybe surviving tragedy
Maybe just existing in a self-made mundaneness,
Sometimes things go our way
Sometimes they don’t

What we do with the consequences
Says much about who were are
Can we persevere?
Can we show resilience?
Can we find the worth in work or school?
Are we able to respect those we don’t like?
Will we quit?
Or blame?

Ultimately, the answers come from within
Our decisions about something’s worth…Us.
Our decisions about what we find fun…Us.
Our acceptance of our immediate situation…Us.
Our finding of a path to make every experience
A contribution to our success


The burn of a run
Comes with a lesson


Rising from the pain of an unfortunate situation
Comes with a lesson


Dealing with school’s boredom
Comes with a lesson


For the only exit poll to really matter
Is the one measuring your heart
And whether you make the world
And whether you make others feel
And whether you can accept adversity without being
So we can all prosper from the talents
You have and have the potential to allow others
The same chance for success
You are seeking

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