Urinary Inconsiderations

Arriving home tonight
In the darkness of winter
Made unbearable by the arctic winds
It was a darn good thing
I still harbor a bit of southern gentility
In this, the mushroom capital of the world,
For I could have easily been rolling in the mud
Over the courtesies of my hypocritical neighbor
Whose manners smell like the soil
Where that soup laden fungus grows

For some her reverence
For the sanctity of my recycling bin
May not seem out of the ordinary
For it is just a receptacle for rubbish
But allowing her five pound
Non stop barking
Little butt of a dog
To take a piss
In the blue container
Is bad enough
But then to trot away as I’m pulling into the driveway
Is about as yellow
As the liquid freezing
To the plastic
That will be sitting in my garage

She can’t lead her dog
To take a leak somewhere else?

I suppose I expect
Too much from people.

So I leashed my medium big pit bull
With the unwarranted ferocious reputation
Given to the dogs because
Of similarly idiotic humans
And wrapped him in his stylish Sherlock coat
Because it’s just too cold,
After all I’m wearing layers
And he has exposed skin too,
And I set out fully intending on repaying
Her urinary indiscretion
With whatever Einstein dropped in her bin
It was after all
His last walk of the night

Fortunately my present is not as confrontational
As my rebel yelling past
The urge left me
And we headed for the open spaces
Where dogs can do their business
Without the asinine inconsideration
Of the stealthy pee in the bin
Hypocrite up the way
I’m a little sad my dog did not have the chance
To drop his steamer
On whatever she was tossing out

I suppose I expect
Us to act like I expect.

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