There You Have It

Conversations about
My mental constitution
Which I’d have to say
Is pretty damn normal to me

I have opinions:
Our drug policies are misguided
Our reliance on fad education is unfortunate
Too many people are followers
Not enough are thinkers
And sarcasm is too smart for most

I have a personality:
Preferring to write over party
Keeping a straight face while laughing hard
Be it book, movie, or TV, I don’t care
Today country music is my favorite
But it could just as easily be reggae

I wonder about stuff:
Why people hurt others
Why the Patriots seem to cheat
How come money seems so important
Why CrossFit is so angry or defensive
Can Presidents be successful


That may be
I couldn’t give a horse dropping
Whether people accept my ways or not
I have friends who know me well
And most importantly a family who loves me for me
That’s all I can ask for

Not weird.
Just me,
A dude trying to live
As happily as possible.

Sorry for your interpretation of me…

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