Keeping a Beat

Roads beckoning
Their pavement slicked
Under icy rain
Have an allure
Wrought with risk and uncertainty
Each mile a chance
To take in something new,
Getting away from the routine.
The mundane
Left behind.
Noon has not yet arrived
The gray from last night’s Nor’Easter
Casts a dreariness over the town
That levied a cautiousness
Across the public
While providing a boon to the private
The library shut down denying
Those wanting Kerouac or Hemingway
And bringing a line to the distributor
For those wanting to wash down
The boredom of Saturday morning television
With Bud or Miller
Maybe it’s time to forgo the weather wheel lock
Getting onto the briny asphalt
Letting the horses feed a spirit to
Scramble along
In the wet, the gray, and the
Colors of winter

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