Thanks, Kurt

Reading so late last night
Left me wanting more
At the end of the book
Where war fostered time travel
I asked Nod to help keep
Images of Billy P. with me
Through the sleepy night

I awoke to a multitude of vividness
Stars shining brightly
A sun rising with Van Gogh in mind
Automotive service so superb
Quiet moments over a stone
Followed by Asia singing , Don’t Cry
Almost as if a DJ was riding along
In my cowboy Cadillac
Exams that read so well
My students knocked it out
The warmth of couch time with my dog
All happening in a time frame
That seemed to stand still

Tonight I’ll sleep
Without time travel or
Burning cities as instigators for rest
But tomorrow I’m expecting
The same awareness for all the good things
That are out there
When we step away for a day

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