Reality Based Preparation

Nine pages of text
About how to teach a squat
I’m not sure
That will get it done
I mean, really, university of justification
Is it reasonable to have
Prospective teachers laboring
On tombs of lessons plans
Or better for them to work with students
Developing a feel for teaching
As Steve Martin used to say,
“But, noooooooooo!!!”
You will write these lesson plans
With our accreditation in mind
And you will like it

Trying to sequence
Each minute of a lesson plan
Is ridiculous
The ways of a class are not scripted
The components of content are not concrete
There’s just too much happening to predict
In some contrived lesson plan

A little planning goes a long way
I’d rather student teachers spend more time reflecting
Noticing the good and bad of lessons
Learning from real experiences
Not planning fake shxx, I mean stuff

So university experts on the sanctity of PE
Step down from your noble and worthy
Perches of research and publication
Taking a moment to hear
What the practitioners are saying
Then let’s find some common ground
To plan
Teacher preparation programs

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