Get Busy Living

Epic journeys
Following sacred experiences
Test the spirit, enrich the mind.
Why too often
Do we lock ourselves
In the confinement of safety,
The routine, or
To what end
Does the forty hour week pay?
In what manner do policy manuals
Provide for better lives?
Perhaps in efficiency,
Yet the standard operating procedures are not seen
As hindrances to life
The way bullets or cigarettes might be.
They are not recognized as tools that stunt
Our growth and development or
Distress our health
The way too much sitting might.

We need adventure.
We need novelty.
We need risk.
We need
Challenge, toil, and
A dissection of the routine too.
We need
Epic journeys
From sacred experiences
To revitalize our spirits
Putting us at odds with the status quo
Allowing us to breath air deeply into our lungs
Before regularity snuffs us out

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