Breaking Back (Pain)

As predicted
There was a tectonic shift of vertebrae
The seized muscles holding my lumbar region hostage relented
Allowing a natural chiropractic movement
To correct whatever subluxation
Was happening back there
I think my back went south
The other day when
I spent a couple of hours writing
While sitting in an unpadded chair
I think it started to come back Monday
After some light bench pressing
Then Tuesday after a few quick snatches
Or Wednesday when a student dared me to deadlift
But maybe it was today
When we went Dude Perfect between classes
With the Nerf football and the basketball goal
My basket overruled when the HFL,
Henry Fullofit League,
Claimed my shot did not make
A complete basketball move before
Coming out of the hoop
I don’t know what caused everything to relax
But those vertebrae popped
Sending the calmest surge of energy
Through my body
Making me feeling like taking a nap

Yep, it felt that good

So on this day of anatomical seismic activity
I’m thankful to be able to move around
A little more freely
Secure in my belief
That I made that shot!

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