What A Difference


So cold, too cold
The ice on the ground
Turned my driveway into a bobsled run
When my pit bull
Dug his paws into the sheen
Pulling me for a slide
We made it through the steeply banked turns
Finally finishing with a ride in my truck,
The ultimate sedative for him,
To the pet store we went for
A different leash
How is it he’s not pulling right now?
A new rope toy, duck chips, and
Then a coat to hold off the cold
Best of all
Was him
As we were the only people there
Until I needed to be hands free
At check out
As fate always has it another dog was coming in
On the end of an old lady’s leash
My fear was that my man
Would lunge or bark
Causing people to think
The crazy pit bull things
They forget to put on the owner
My man shivered,
Then sat,
Just as asked
No scene, no problem
Afterwards, we were back at the run
Him warmer, pulling less, and
Loving some duck chips

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