Tone It Down

What of these
Upstanding small business owners
Talking shop in the back of a Dunkin
They shared with everyone
Stories of bowed vinyl siding
Backwards mitre cuts for crown molding
The problems with too much stuff
In the shed, and
The quickest way to Downingtown;
Cannery Road or 52?
In all they dropped about
Fifty two f-bombs
All over the shoulders of kids
Enjoying their Munchkins

Before I sound prudish
Let me say
I have a comfort
With flowery vernacular

But only in the right situation

The middle of a family place
With kids around
Is not the right situation.

Working men of loud expressions,
Instead of the doughnut shop
Let’s settle in the back of a hardware store
Or a corner bar
Telling the stories of a carpenter’s lament
With all the muscular linguistics
Our profanely creative minds can muster

Until we are in mixed company
Then we clean up our wagging tongues
Showing some respect for others

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