I live with the burden
Of a three headed spiritual monster
Represented by
Energy from the Tao
Mindfulness from Buddha
And compassion from Christ

Some would argue that
Faith is a pick it and live it deal
To which I agree
Some would suggest
I’m not fulfilling the tenets of each
By entertaining the lessons
Of the others
To which I disagree

So I think,
Where did these rich beliefs come from?


And therein lies my faith

Which has been created from an of evolution
Of learning about the possibilities for our souls
Each head of my monster
Bringing a way, a light, or a conviction
That allows me peace, solace, and confidence
In those times when I just can’t explain
All that happens in this world

So I thank God for Taoist principles
I thank God Buddha shares his perspectives
And I thank God for bringing Christ’s examples
Back into my life

Each a tool to foster my faith in God
None a deterrent from my purpose
To be a godly man

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