Christmas Tales

How normal can hiding a book bag
In a shower stall be
Yet the logic behind this covert move
Made my day
In that
My student, younger developmentally
Than his years show,
Would put into action a plan
So nefarious
That my colleagues and I
Could only congratulate
His attempt to keep his belongings safe

The problem was his book bag
Too full of books to fit in his locker
Or maybe the locker is too small
For all of the stuff he has to tote
In this age
Of no time between classes
And cavernous nylon warehouses
Disguised as school supply caddies
That allow slumped shouldered kids
To wreck their posture
Under the weight of published tombs

Rather than have him worry
Whether his things would be safe
We asked him to bring his bag in our office
He thanked us
Told us about the repairs to his Vizio
And explained the intricate plot
To the “friggin” Christmas movie
His family had seen just the night before

Five really good minutes
With a really good soul.

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