The Candy Woman Can

The chocolate lady was around today
Checking the space of a facility she
Used last year.
Maybe she thought the space grew,
Or shrunk,
From last year
When she last measured our
Last renovated in the early 2000s gymnasium.

The taste of her appearance
Was a little bitter
As she could not see the students
Through the forrest,
Or volleyball nets,
As they really are
And she went about her measuring
Like there was nothing more important
Than a one-day
Chocolate festival

Maybe the unwinding of the measuring tape
Could have been done between classes
With just the standard English units
Being written down
The other side of the tape,
With its metric system,
Threw some wax into the process
That caused a bit of consternation
For our fair lady
Who was lost planning her pay day

I wish them success
Willy Wonka king sized Snickers success
But can we get
Her to take five
And see the whatchamacallit
That is
That she was interrupting

But really,
This had to happen during class?


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