A Good Thing

Buying houses with a flip in mind
A pair if real estate profiteers
Got taken instead
Their profit margin yielding
To a sense of morality
Often lacking in the markets

Their purchase, a simple home
South Philly way, yo,
A tomb to an American hero departed
Waiting to become part of the investment machine, but
Living to become Charity’s best asset
By breathing comfort into a veteran’s life
Disabled by War’s horrors

These two investors moved by the home’s history
Perhaps touched by the spirit of Wild Bill himself
Paid premium for the future home
Of another vet who would be afforded some comfort
After serving whatever inane conflict
Man seems hellbent on conjuring

Such a complex turn
To the practice of profit…
Here, with brotherly love alive,
Flipping a house has
Given a noble example of
Who we can be

“People are basically good,”
I heard in a TED Talk
About a man
Disputing the reasoned opinion
That people are essentially “no good”

And in this case
The spoils of war
Have given credence
To his words

It’s in us
To do good.

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